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your next level move is to focus on profitability 

Profitability Is A Principle

What would you do if your business was as profitable as Apple, Amazon or Tesla? We emphatically know we would be heading research and development, while a more experienced CEO is leading the business. Why? Because profitability is based on leadership and if someone with more experience is qualified, they should be leading it.

That may be a tough pill to swallow, but it goes down a lot easier when cashflow is running strong and wild like the Panama Canal. Yet, the true lesson here is how to get your company into strong, wild cashflow and profitability. It's not just based on how great your produce or service is, but how you execute around your top priorities, and deliver to the people who BUY from you

leveraging leadership & profitability

Knowing Doesn't Equal Doing,
And Doing Doesn't Equal Profitability

There's an exchange that happens in authentic leadership. It's related to getting things done correctly, efficiently and within a margin of profitability. In business, breaking even can be challenging enough, forget about profitability. However, those key performance indicators (KPI's) are there to guide you on your path to consistent profitability.

Business Leadership and Profitability is defined by having 20/20 vision on the right things that bring about specific results consistently, as well as the agility to make slight changes along the way. Average Business Coaching doesn't execute on those principles very well. However, FOCUS 2020 Vision 'Business Leadership Coaching' does it exceptionally well.

Free Of Challenges Undermining Success

Establishing & Scaling Profitability In Your Business Requires
Leadership | Branding | Marketing | Performance
to Position Your Business to Become A Double Asset Inside 2 Portfolios!

You Can Create Personal and Business Assets with Your Business

Using the Triangular Capital & Wealth Building 3 Portfolios

Real Estate | Your Business | Financial Investing   

Your Next Level Begins Right Now!


3mos. Course +  3mos. Coaching

All Sessions Online

Asset Management Course plus Capital Wealth Coaching! 


3mos. Course + 6mos. Coaching

All Sessions Online

Multiple Asset Management Course & Wealth Coaching!


3mos. Course + 12mos. Coaching

All Sessions Online

Wealth Capital Course plus 7-80 Multiple Asset Coaching!

Get Ready for 2024

Collaboration & Profitability is the Mission!

We've produced some of the most amazing events, seminars and meetings in NYC. We've also collaborated with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs on all levels to support our own growth and scaling.

What is evident in these relationships is longevity, because we're dedicated to winning collectively and individually. Be sure to join our mailing list and we promise not to overwhelm you with messages. 

FOCUS Retreats!

The most consistent compliments we've received about FOCUS Coaching Retreats is "its a fresh start, and the best example of how to live life from this day, forward." What it means to us is "we're doing something very right' in the lives of those who allow us to work with them in and throughout their process of growth and development to bring their goals, dreams and aspirations into fruition. It's a lot of work required by all invested parties. However, we put in the right type of work, effort and willingness to get the results we seek.

FOCUS Retreats come in all shapes and sizes, and we solve a variety of challenges that have hindered the progression of our clients and members from an abundance of achievements. Whether it's business, self mastery, financial investing or relationships, the quality never leaves. If the location is Aruba or Stateside, we get to the core of the challenges utilizing our 4 interchangeable defining pillars, a great deal of expertise and authentic care and concern for the people and the work. 

Quite honestly, of course we've had people come and not fully participate in their breakthrough, as a result of being distracted by pressing issues at home and they're always on the phone. Others have been more concerned about what everyone else is doing and not centered on the opportunity to better themselves. We've even had professional coaches try to coach the coaches with a plethora of suggestions. Most, of whom are not ready to deal with Coach Dino's ability to break down those self defeating barriers and behaviors.

Regardless of their inability to lock-in and FOCUS individually, as well as collectively. It doesn't interrupt the flow of energy or the level of attention placed on the education and exercises we provide. We provide, perform and deliver the best coaching education to everyone, even when they don't want to accept their present reality. We think that's the "earth shattering" process and progression of FOCUS. becoming Free Of Challenges Undermining Success!

Business Inner Circle

Beautiful Men & Women, Inc. boast a dynamic Business Inner Circle of high performing professionals and area experts.

"The way we do anything, is the way we do everything."

Dino Love, BM&W CEO

Julie "J Star Travel" Cunningham

Devon "Massive Action" Joseph

Phil "Uncle Phil" Ager

Coach Désirée

Shanta "Fox" Brown

Gerald "Real Estate G"

Elroye Jones

Anthony "Vodkila" Armstead

Copy By Carri

Dayna Puryear

Sharon "Netstruc PR" Leid

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